Strength || Elegance || Power

Elsa is our most requested princess of them all.

Nothing means more to her than her family and friends. 

Elsa loves to sing, dance, face paint, play snow games, do winter-themed arts and crafts and even teach kids her iconic ice powers! 


Book Elsa today for an unforgettable experience and

add Anna for the ultimate frozen party!


Optimism || Compassion || Determination

Anna is Elsa's bubbly younger sister, full of creativity and goofiness.

Book Anna today for an unforgettable experience and

add Elsa for the ultimate frozen party!

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Curiousity || Bravery || Kindness

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Positivity || Creativity || Dreams

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Intelligence || Bravery || Elegance

Princess Belle is more than just the village beauty, she is a highly intelligent and brave woman who risked her life for her father. She sees beauty in everything in life and lives with a positive outlook.